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About Our Owner

Brides of Today in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was created by Beverly Icenhour, who has been a full-figured woman all of her life. She would like to share her story with you.

My Message to Customers

 From the time I began school in the 1950s, I was teased for my full figure. No one called it bullying back then, but it still hurt very badly to look around and see that I could never wear the clothing considered in style at that time. The only styles available to me were what I called matronly, certainly not what a teenager wanted to wear.

Because of this, I truly understand the challenges that curvy women face to find fashions that make them feel beautiful. These challenges are even greater when applied to finding the perfect bridal gown. At Brides of Today, we make it our personal mission to assist full-figured women with selecting their dream wedding dress. We want you to feel comfortable from the moment you step into the salon, search through our line of gowns designed for curvy women, complete the fitting process, and put on your dress to walk down the aisle on your big day.

Never again will you be forced to try on a gown 4 sizes too small because a salon does not carry your size in the store. Not as long as I am here!

You are unique, beautiful, and deserve respect no matter what size you are. Let me help you have the experience you truly want while searching for your dream wedding dress at Brides of Today. It's my pleasure and honor to serve you.


Meet the Team

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